The Best Pediatric Dentist near Amman – Jordan in 2023

Going to the dentist could be a nightmare for a child. So how can I find the best pediatric dentist near Amman? Dental care is an essential part of children’s health. Finding a perfect-fit dentist could make or break their relationship with dental hygiene. 

In this blog, we will discuss the most important factors when choosing the best pediatric dentist near Amman.

the work process of the best pediatric dentist near Amman
The Work Process

Is there a difference between pediatric and family dentists?

Both are doctors of oral health. While a family dentist treats all family members, a pediatric dentist specializes in treating children. These dentists undergo special training focused on children’s development and oral care of infants. 

After many extra years of learning in a program designed to fit kids’ dental health, they will learn the following:

  • Radiology, pharmacology, and psychology of children
  • Modern technical and surgical procedures
  • Child development and clinical management
  • Oral pathology and diagnostic radiology
  • Clinical skills to treat disabled children or children with special needs
  • General Anesthesia 

Pediatric dentists concentrate on primary teeth and conditions of children that are not common in adults, like a cleft lip. They are often familiar with treatments that children need, like sealants for young children and Invisalign for teenagers.

No matter if parents choose the pediatric dentist or the family dentist, their children should feel at home.

What to look for in a pediatric dentist?

Many factors determine the best pediatric dentist near me. Here are the most important ones: 

The dentist’s credentials and licensing 

It is important to always look at the dentist’s credentials and licensing to see whether they are qualified to care for children. They must pass the national exam and have either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree or a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree (DMD). 

Another factor is if they keep up-to-date with new medical information. In addition to attending conferences and meetings on the latest medical technology. 

Their availability

Dentists are one of the busiest people, as they have a lot on their hands. You should check if your dentist has available appointments by contacting the clinic. 

Some dentists have conferences to attend and flights to catch, which is why they tend to set weekly appointments for their patients. 

The overall cost

If you need to consider: how much the best dental pediatrician near me might cost? The overall pricing might differ according to the clinic’s location. Some dentistry clinics accept insurance, while others do not. 

The atmosphere of the clinic

Is the clinic child-friendly? Having a welcoming environment in the clinic might change your child’s experience. The best dentistry clinic should have cutting-edge tools with a family-friendly environment. 

A childrens' dentist in their clinic
A children’s dentist in their clinic

Tips to Keep in Mind

Choosing the best pediatric dentist near Amman could be tricky, so here are some tips to consider:

Preventative Care

In addition to restorative care, preventative care is an essential part of dental health. The dentist should provide oral hygiene instructions and oral care counseling.

Using fluoride varnish to strengthen the child’s teeth and slow down or even reverse decay. 

In Dr.Nour Kayed AlFarah’s clinic, we know the importance of preventative care and provide all the above-mentioned procedures to ensure healthy teeth, as one of the best pediatric dentist near Amman.

The Child’s Comfort

You consider your kid’s opinions. As they should feel safe and comforted by going to the clinic. You should never force your kids to go to the dentist because it will cause psychological pressure in the future. 

This might affect the way they think about dental hygiene when they become an adult. 

Online Reviews

The section where people leave their reviews and opinions of the dentist. This reviews section allows you to learn about others’ experiences and form an opinion about the best-rated pediatric dentist. 

How to tell if this pediatric dentist is not the best fit?

Many signs could tell you that you’ve got it wrong. The first sign is when the child refuses to go to the clinic or feels unsafe there. You should trust their instincts as they are mostly right. 

You need to understand their non-verbal actions, like if they refuse to oblige to orders such as flossing or brushing their teeth. 

You can also have an open conversation with your kid about their visit. You must explain what to expect and prepare them mentally for what is going to happen, no matter how simple the procedure is. 

Always remember that there are many options and finding the best pediatric dentist near Amman is a journey and there are a lot of resources that could help you. This is an example of simple steps that you could follow to find the chosen dentist

What does a pediatric dentist do?

Pediatric dentists are experts in oral health, preventive care, and treatment for diseases and tooth decay. They specialize in diagnosing and treating infants, children, and teenagers with dental issues.

How to choose the best dentist in Amman?

There are many steps and resources that you could rely on to find the best dentistry clinic. Dr. Nour Kayed AlFarah provides restorative and preventative dental care and more, as one of the best pediatric dentists in Amman.

How does the pediatric dentist prevent tooth decay?

The dentists offer important info and rules on how to brush your teeth correctly. In addition to preventing decay, they can treat it using various procedures. 

To Sum Up,

Choosing the best dentist for your kids is essential to start their journey in dental health. The right pediatric dentist will play a huge role in your child’s oral care and finding the perfect family-friendly clinic is easier said than done. If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist near Amman, Dr. Nour Kayed AlFarah has established one of the elitist dentistry clinics in Jordan. Here you can find the location at Suleiman Al Hadidi, Amman, Jordan.

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